Minx up your life with Greenwich author Carrie Brooks. The professional life coach is inviting single older women to ‘think minx’ with her new book, which she’s launching at Woolwich library on October 11 as part of Libraries Week.

What do you get when you combine the insights of a professional life coach with the very human experience of being single, female and over 45? The answer is Carrie’s latest book: Minx up your life!

The book openly discusses issues around sex, dating and relationships for women over 45 and introduces the idea of beliefs and core values, and how they affect women’s everyday attitude and behaviour. To ‘Think Minx’ is to embrace a new mindset, which increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

“In my professional coaching over the years, I have observed a certain recurring, intransigent belief surfacing in many women over the age of 45,” Carrie said. “Essentially it is a belief that their best years are over and that they’ve ‘missed the boat’, both relationship and career-wise. I began to feel such a burning rebellion in my soul that I simply had to strike a blow for this age. I came up with an idea of writing a book that challenges these limiting beliefs and is a positive force, encouraging a deeper understanding of what this stage of life has to offer women. In effect, to counterbalance the negativity surrounding ageing in our culture, and with joyful abandon, flip it on its head.”

Carrie found herself single again at the age of 42 after her 18-year relationship ended. “It certainly took some adjusting to my new single state, which was very challenging in the beginning but grew into one of the most productive and satisfying times of my life,” the author said. “This time is a wondrous opportunity for self-discovery and personal fulfilment. You only have to embrace it.”

Carrie is at Woolwich library on Thursday 11 October from 6pm-8pm. Admission: free. Book through Eventbrite.  Minx up your Life is out now for £12.99.