Dragon healer and health guru Darryl Kempster is known by many names, writes Laura Burgoine…

The Healers’ Healer, the Dragon Man, and – most notably in New York – the Angel on Wall Street. The former bodyguard works with celebrities, musicians, professional athletes, CEOs and industry leaders. His client record, of 12 years, boasts an 85 percent single session success rate. So, what is dragon healing? The Weekender went to Surrey Quays’ Lodge Space to find out.

After one session with Darryl he says something you rarely hear in the service industry. “I hope I never see you again.” Because one session is all he needs to work his magic. This is a tough business model: a success rate so high you rarely get repeat customers. Darryl has had people come to him who have been going to chiropractors and physios for years who walk away pain free after one hour of his dragon healing.

The Dragon Clinic helps issues that are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The session usually takes around 40 minutes but varies from person to person, and can take longer.  It begins with about 10 minutes of talking and going through any questions.  “This is a very important part of the process, so that you feel comfortable and at ease and have a good idea of what will be happening,” Darryl said.

When Darryl works he conducts a body scan – it’s like getting a service and MOT for your body – and examines what healing required is appropriate and necessary at the time. He places clients into an altered state of consciousness; this is to intellectually remove your mind from what is happening. You’re still completely aware and fully conscious throughout the treatment and in full control.

From my own experience, I can say dragon healing is very powerful, pretty spooky, and I was stunned by what Darryl found. But more on that later.

Darryl describes himself as “the biggest sceptic” but he’s been experiencing visions since he was six years old. It never scared him because it was all he knew. As a teenager he was surrounded by loss. “Between the ages 15 to 19 I lost about 35 people,” he said. He had a different view to death though because he could still hear and see the souls who had passed to the other side. “They say the wounded are the best healers,” Darryl said.

Around the same time, psychics and mediums were gaining popularity with television shows like Crossing Over with John Edward.

Studying martial arts from childhood, Darryl became a bodyguard, had a child, and tried to shut out the voices and visions that had been with him for so long. Then in 2010, it all switched off. The visions stopped. Two years later, in 2012, he was meditating – with open eyes – and saw a black dragon in the room. “This is usually the point where I lose people,” Darryl joked. “The dragon said ‘congratulations, we’re real.’ They were the first inhabitants on earth. They say the world is in dire straits and they don’t want it destroyed by humans,” he said. The dragons also claim to have suffered a case of mistaken identity. “There’s a famous painting where Archangel Michael is shown slaying Satan as a dragon, but that’s actually a reptile. So the dragons shifted their vibrations so we can no longer see them.”

In 2014, the dragons appeared again and told Darryl “you work for us from tomorrow. Shut down your company.” He closed the health and healing company he’d been building for four years, kept his day job working at a gym, and was “delivered information every day” from then on.

In 2015, the dragons gave Darryl the green light to start healing. He does this by placing his hands on people, and seeing where the problems lie. “The area lights up, like a blue LED light on the part of the body,” Darryl said. He’s also a trained nutritionist, has worked with several healing mentors, and is currently studying for his Personal Trainer certificate. His understanding of the link between physical pain and underlying emotional issues is very keen.

“When I’m healing people I’ll always hear a voice that says ‘you’re done’ when I’m finished,” he said.

Darryl sees a maximum of four clients a day because the practise can be so physically tiring. He also runs clinics in New York, and soon will start in Los Angeles.

Darryl has been told by mentors that he’s operating at a very high level. Following a plant-based, caffeine-free diet, he created a clear channel to transmit energy through. Unlike reiki however, the energy doesn’t transmit through him but rather he creates space and it moves around him.

I didn’t mention any physical ailments to Daryl beforehand but during the session I could feel my stomach stirring. Afterwards he told me he’d performed psychic surgery on my pancreas, and right kidney. Now he really had my attention. I experienced a mystery stomach illness last year, had ultrasounds and scans and after many tests the doctor suspected some issue with my pancreas. The pain subsided while I was waiting for the NHS to give me an appointment for blood tests and scans, and I never followed it up. But I feel nauseous fairly regularly and kept meaning to get my pancreas checked. And now the dragons have sorted it. I’m thrilled.

At the end of the session Darryl ran me through all the areas he’d worked on, and said I’d be in detox for the following ten days as my body released stored toxins, and let go of things that no longer served me. I’ve spent the days since feeling sick and more tired than usual, and am certain it’s not psychosomatic.

Whether you’re a cynic or a believer, for whatever ails you it is absolutely worth trying dragon healing. South Londoners are lucky we now have access to it at health hub the Lodge Space. You only need to try it once. As Darryl says “are you ready to change your life?”

One Dragon healing session costs £90. For more information, visit:  

Visit the Lodge Space at 120a Lower Road, SE16 2UB. Phone: 020 7231 1088. thelodge.space