A lost African Grey parrot has been reunited with its owner after being found on a railing in Camberwell.

The Weekender launched a Facebook appeal on Friday after being contacted by Lost and Found Parrots UK.

The bird, who could say ‘hello’, ‘come on’ and mimic a human cough, was found by a member of the public who saw the bird outside a block of flats on Bethwin Road on Monday, June 25. The good Samaritan contacted the parrot rescue group who advised them to catch it using food as a lure – it was then taken to a volunteer, whose own parrot is missing from Newham.

Another member of the public saw the story on Facebook and posted to the social media site on Friday that she had seen posters in Morrison’s supermarket for the bird. Lost and Found Parrots UK then contacted Whitehall Clothiers on Camberwell Road to ask for help, and a member of staff went and retrieved one of the posters to hand over the owner’s number.

Lost and Found Parrots UK rang, and the owners were able to give them a unique number which was on a ring on the bird’s leg. The owner said the parrot, which was called Prince, had escaped on Monday, the same day it was found and handed in.

During a video call to the owner, Prince instantly recognised her, leant towards the camera and said ‘kiss kiss’.

A spokesperson for Lost and Found Parrots UK said: “Lost and Found Parrots UK are delighted that Prince has been reunited with his family who were left distraught when he escaped, we would like to thank the Weekender for their help with our appeal, Vanessa for alerting us to the poster, Adrian from Whitehall Clothiers for getting us the details from the poster and also a big thank you to our volunteer Shameerah Peerkhan for caring for the parrot on our behalf.”