Not many people have heard of The Letter-Machine but it has a very important job at Christmas. Possibly the most important job of all. It processes all the letters to Santa and makes sure every child gets a present.

When it breaks in a terrible storm, an Elf, a Reindeer and a Teddy set out on a quest to find the parts to fix it. A happy Christmas depends on it.

The Christmas Quest is a new show for families by Blue Elephant Theatre. Full of slapstick humour and joyfulness, it celebrates differences and shares a strong message of inclusivity.

Performance times:
Saturday 7th: 2pm & 4.30pm
Sunday 8th: 2pm & 4.30pm
Monday 9th: 10.45am & 1.30pm
Tuesday 10th: 10.45am & 1.30pm
Thursday 12th: 10.45am & 1.30pm
Friday 13th: 1.30pm & 4.30pm
Saturday 14th: 2pm & 4.30pm
Sunday 15th: 2pm & 4.30pm
Monday 16th: 10.45am & 1.30pm
Tuesday 17th: 10.45am & 1.30pm

Saturday 7 December – Tuesday 17 December. Monday and Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday. Admission: £5.00, £3.00 (Southwark residents). Phone: 020 7701 0100.