A new book aims to put South London on the map once and for all. Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison, the slacker storytellers at Deserter – both with interesting backstories –  are to publish their unique portraits of life below the river in Today South London, Tomorrow South London, under their noms de plume, Dulwich Raider and Dirty South.

The book will record offbeat days out and half-remembered urban adventures featuring pubs, cemeteries, galleries, hospitals and pubs again, often in the company of their volatile dealer, Half-life, and the much nicer Roxy.

Founded in 2014 by Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison, Deserter – an online guide to messing about summed up by their motto, Shirk, rest & play – quickly became essential reading for thousands of South Londoners looking to get more out of life by doing less. 

Soon, along with its various social media channels, Deserter had its own beer, Deserter IPA, created with Southey Brewing.

Deserter Presents: Today South London, Tomorrow South London will be published by 

Unbound and available in bookshops and online as a paperback and ebook from October 18th. 

Main image: Antony Medley