Dinosaurs are once again set to roam the Earth – Greenwich to be precise – as a new show is brought to the area.

Dinosaurs in the Wild will transport visitors back 67 million years in a time machine to see dinos like the T Rex and Dakoraptor in their natural habitat.

The time machine will whisk visitors to join scientists at research station TimeBase67, built on the Late Cretaceous plains 67 million years ago. Guides will then drive with their guides through herds of dinosaurs, can watch a dinosaur autopsy, watch babies come out of their eggs and even put their hands in dino poo!

The show has already had runs in Manchester and Birmingham, and opens in Greenwich Peninsula on Saturday, February 10.

Producer Jill Bryant said: “Time-travellers who have already visited the TimeBase have been astounded by what they experienced there, with one of them recently commenting that the adventure is “literally the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops are with you – alive!”.

Dinosaurs in the Wild has already extended its run in Greenwich until July 31.

Tickets vary and are available at advanced, off peak and door prices.