Writer Will Hatchett has teamed up with illustrator and cartoonist Tim Sanders for a new book of poetry. Will says, ‘these are not soppy, twee or sentimental. They are poems written in various styles and meters about the animals that we share our city with. Some tell stories, some are funny, some are sad. They mainly rhyme but not all do.’

Wild about London is a new book of illustrated poems about some of the animals that inhabit our capital city. Here, you will learn about the (too) friendly pigeon, a famous squirrel thief, a magpie who joined the police, bats who objected to being on reality TV and a tragic blackbird whose beautiful singing voice led to success on a TV talent show!

Will, from Forest Hill, and Tim met over an England World Cup match where Will explains, ‘a creative collaboration was born’.

Tim described the process: ‘Will sent a poem and I painted the creature, usually that day, or pulled it from my portfolio. I have always loved painting animals, whether it’s someone’s precious pet, a thuggish starling or the blur of a kingfisher moving so fast you can barely see it.’

On the Magpie, the poet from Forest Hill writes:

Bird of omen and prophecy

You have a reputation. Let’s just say

That you’re a bit tasty.

You look like you could win a fight!

Wild About London will be launched on December 12th at 6.30pm at Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, Bloomsbury,  WC1B 3QE

Available from: https://www.willhatchettonline.co.uk/store/p1/Wild_about_London.html

£10 including p&p.