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London Beer Factory

Food and Drink Added 25th Apr 2016

Business Overview

Raised on a love of beer, brothers Ed and Sim Cotton have spent their whole lives visiting breweries and testing new beers, including some brewed in their own home by their father.

In 2014, they opened their own craft brewery, The London Beer Factory.

The drinks they create are inspired by a diverse wealth of flavours sourced from all over the world. Drawing on qualities within the scent and taste, every beer is designed to have its own distinct character.

All their beers can be purchased directly from the brewery website or from pubs across London. On occasional weekends, the brewery opens for events.

Opening Times

  • Monday-
  • Tuesday-
  • Wednesday-
  • Thursday-
  • Friday-
  • Saturday13:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday-


Business Information

160 Hamilton Road, Gipsy Hill, SE27 9SF

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020 8670 7054

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