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Jan 18

In The Dark

Arts The Cello Factory

  • 18th Jan 2019
  • 16:00
  • The Cello Factory
  • free

Event Details

The London Group plunges into the darkness of a blacked out Cello Factory in its latest daring show. This short experimental three day show combines artworks by The London Group, the Computer Arts Society and Lumen Prize. All the artworks generate their own light with interlinking projections turning the group exhibition into an installation in this unique building. The Computer Arts Society who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year are displaying Raspberry Pi’s and flat screen monitors embedded in light boxes which periodically send and receive signals to each other through local wifi, using the incoming data to adapt their own visual configurations. The Lumen Prize will be showcasing films on the theme of Worlds We Make by a selection of their artists and have commissioned their 2018 winning student artist Ziwei Wu to make a new furry installation in the upstairs room. This should be a fluffy antidote to the darkness below. Several works touch on the idea of death or decay, in particular Angela Eames’ dying planets, Eric Fong’s forensic photographs, and Amanda Loomes’ Memento Mori for a TV. Clive Burton is offering the audience the chance to blindfold themselves or is the suspended black cloche more sinister? Do these grim pieces reflect the current mood or are they natural responses to the call In the Dark? Several circular / vorticist pieces projected up onto the Cello Factory’s ceiling with a firmament of digital glow flies by Genetic Moo and Twitter storms by Sandra Crisp will create a dynamic and apocalyptical top half to the show. End of days indeed. The show is on for 3 days only, with a performance led PV night, followed by a day of workshops, talks and music. For more information visit website: ………. The London Group, founded in 1913, was formed of an enlarged Camden Town Group, the English Vorticists and other independent artists. Founder members included Wyndham Lewis, Sickert, Bomberg, GaudierBrzeska and Epstein who coined The London Group name. Unusually for its time it had female members from its inception. The Group has shown at least once a year throughout its existence, including during both World Wars. This is our ninth exhibition this year – a record for the Group. We are described by Michael Strain (Art UK, Dec. 2017) as ‘A group of quality and great diversity. Most of the great British artists for more than 100 years have been members’.


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