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Jul 14

The Grand Flâneur Walk

Beau Brummell Statue

  • 14th Jul 2019
  • Starts at 12:00pm
  • Beau Brummell Statue
  • Free

Event Details

The walk will be a call to Londoners to put down their smart phones and lift their curious gazes to the fascinating sights of everyday life that London has to offer. Starting at the Beau Brummell statue on Jermyn Street, the route, naturally, has no destination and no schedule - a novelty for the google-map reliant over-planners of the twenty-first century. Following on from the famous Chap Savile Row protests of 2010, The Grand Flâneur Walk welcomes anyone who is keen to nurture the air of the artist-poet while ambling through the city.
Participants are invited to join the walk at the statue at midday, and 19th century costume, props and decorations are all very welcome. As Chap founder, Gustav Temple says: “The flâneur may or may not carry a cane, but you can be sure that he or she will be dressed in a manner that will befit any situation they may encounter along the way.”


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Jermyn Street, Mayfair