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Oct 11
Oct 13

Trying It On

Arts Omnibus Theatre

  • 11th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019
  • 75 minutes
  • Omnibus Theatre
  • £16 adults and £13 concessions
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“Are we the same person? If not, when and why not? If so, can either of us bear it?”

It’s 1968. David is 20 and in his second year at University. It is the height of the worldwide student revolt. The Vietnam war rages. Powell delivers his “rivers of blood” speech. Martin Luther King is assassinated. These events will define David’s politics and give focus to his writing.

It’s 50 years on. The 70-year-old is confronted by the 20-year-old. Do they share the same beliefs? If not, is it the world that’s changed, or him? Why did his generation vote Brexit? Has he sold in or sold out?

After 50 years of writing, Trying It On marks David Edgar’s professional debut as a performer.

Supported using public funds from The National Lottery through Arts Council England. Supported by the Sir Barry Jackson Trust.


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1 Clapham Common North Side, Clapham, London SW4 0QW

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